European Discovery Map

European Discovery Map

We invite you to use the European Discovery Map to share how a place or places in Europe have been significant to your own curiosity and discoveries, or to see how European connections have inspired researchers and other people.

Taking part is simple. Think of a place:

  • Where you discovered something about your interests or yourself
  • Where you discovered something about the world
  • Where you became curious about something
  • That inspires you (even if you haven’t been there, yet!)
  • That you would love to visit to learn about a place or something that happens there
  • Where things you are interested in are created/discovered

Next, find or create an image that reflects this place or what it means to you. If you like you could draw or paint this image and then take a photograph of it on a smartphone.

Once you have your image, go click on this link to the European Discovery Map to open it and then:

1. Click on the + in a circle in the top right corner.

2. Type in your chosen place and select it from the list.

3. A window will open. Type in what you would like to say about your place and the image you have chosen/created.

4. Upload your image using the upload icon.

5. When you have finished click elsewhere on the map and your post will be submitted for moderation. (There will be a delay before it displays to others.)

Explore the map by clicking on the different pins people have uploaded to see the images of places that inspire them.  If a particular post inspires you too, please ‘like’ it by clicking the heart button in the bottom left-hand corner of the post.

Some important stuff…

** Please ensure you have the relevant permissions to share any images you upload. Make sure that everyone in your picture is happy with it being shared. If there are any children in your picture, make sure that you have their guardian’s consent to take and share the picture.

** Please don’t include anything offensive or inappropriate for a family audience. All images & posts will be moderated before publication.

** By posting you consent to your image and caption being used by the FUTURES consortium and in any future social media posts, awareness raising activity and funding applications, and in reports about FUTURES2020 for the European Commission. Copyright will stay with the photographer / image creator.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, events may be subject to last-minute changes