A Day in the Life of a Researcher, EU Corner

An exclusive insight to the work of Marie Curie Fellows at the University of Plymouth, join us for a glimpse into the daily activities of these researchers and some top tips on pursuing a career in research.


Dr Anton Ilderton, Association Professor of Theoretical Physics
Hear about Anton’s work using high-intensity lasers to explore fundamental physics. Modern lasers produce the most intense pulses of light available on Earth, and can be used to explore quantum mechanics, Einstein’s theory of relativity, and more. Learn how Anton’s work, through theoretical research and breakthrough experiments, touches on mathematical physics, gravitational waves, and the theory of the strong nuclear force.


Dr Klara Lucznik, Research Fellow in Health, Wellbeing and Economy
As a psychologist and dance improviser Klara uses movement to understand how people experience the world. Tune in to hear about her recent project RURITAGE, a collaboration between Klara, a visual artist and a human geographer which explores the benefits people experience when interacting with the natural environment. Learn more about how this project and other interesting social research helps us make sense of the world around us.


Dr Lauren Ansell, Research Fellow in Data Science and Statistics
Join us to discover how Lauren’s work with data helps businesses to grow here in the South West, including her work on the development of new products, services and techniques. Learn more about Lauren’s background in mathematical sciences and a career within data analysis and communicating mathematics and statistics.


Dr Sarah Boulton, Associate Professor in Active Neotectonics and Co-founder of Girls into Geoscience (GiG)
From investigating earthquakes to researching dinosaurs and more, geologists are specialists in analysing the ways our planet is constantly changing. Hear from Dr Sarah Boulton about her interesting research as a female earth scientist, and the Girls in Geoscience (GiG) initiative which encourages girls to consider a career in this male dominated industry. Learn more about the amazing places geologists visit, the highs and the lows of fieldwork and the range of Geoscience career pathways that are possible across industry and academia.


Dr Verity Campbell-Barr, Associate Professor in Early Childhood Studies
Verity is a specialist in childhood research with a particular interest in the quality of early education and care. In this insightful discussion Verity will share her experiences and what led her to a career in studying child-centred learning. Her most recent research projects explore home-based childminders and how initial qualifications can effectively prepare someone for working in the rewarding but challenging industry of early childhood education – Tune in to find out more!

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Date: 28/11/2020
Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
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