Discovery Talks: How will STEMM research affect the daily lives of Bristolians in the future?

This collaboration between University of Bristol and Kilter Theatre aims to envisage the impact of current STEMM research on the daily lives of future Bristolians. Participants will be shown video monologues written by two current postgraduate researchers in chemistry (protein design) and engineering (composite materials), projecting the applications of their research into the future. The panellists will discuss the research, the motivations behind the collaboration with Kilter Theatre, and responsible research practice, and take part in an audience-led Q&A. Participants will be encouraged to consider what life-changing improvements they would like to see from the research showcased.

Presented by Debbie Nicol, Nikita Gandhi, Vivienne Kuh, Oliver Langdon, and Prof. Richard Owen.

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Online Event

Date: 28/11/2020
Time: 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm
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