Discovery Talks: Understanding COVID-19

Learn more about how researchers from across the University of Bristol are working hard to understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and its associated illness, COVID-19. This session, hosted by the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute, features six researchers speaking for ten minutes each about their projects, including what the pandemic means for young people’s mental health, and how cutting edge microscopy is helping us to understand the surface of the virus. After each talk there will be time for questions, so come along curious!

Speakers at this event will be:

  1. Dr Fergus Hamilton, clinical research fellow, will explore some of the trends seen in results of Covid-19 antibody testing at North Bristol NHS Trust
  2. Dr Lucy Wenham from the Bristol School of Education discusses her research into the impact of the pandemic on school students’ mental health
  3. Jonathan Reid, Professor of Physical Chemistry, discusses his research into the nature of the novel coronavirus and its spread through the air
  4. Professor Matt Jones, Director of Bristol Neuroscience, asks the question ‘What does Covid-19 mean for our brains?’
  5. Christiane Schaffitzel, Professor of Biochemistry, will discuss her team’s work analysing the surface of the novel coronavirus. Using cutting-edge microscopy they have discovered a new site where drugs might interact with the virus to stop it infecting the human host.
  6. Professor Martin Parker explores the idea that dealing with the virus is a dress rehearsal for the system changes we will need to address climate change. Can we really ‘build back better’? Can we afford not to?

This session will be hosted by Rachael Gooberman-Hill, Director of the Elizabeth Blackwell Institute and Professor of Health and Anthropology.

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Online Event

Date: 28/11/2020
Time: 4:30 pm - 6:00 pm
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