Working with the Natural History Consortium, we’ve brought together scientists researching the natural world with Instagrammers to share their work using social media platform Instagram. Head over to Instagram and follow the Festival of Nature and the accounts of researchers and Instagrammers to discover more from scientists who are working on a variety of animals, plants and devising new ways to improve the sustainability of materials to decrease our impact on the natural world.



Katie O’Brien – @_katieob_

Josh Powell – @joshuapowell_official

Ellie Blandon – @ellie_bladon

Steve Allain – @stevoallain

Phoebe Griffith – @crocodiledunphd

Dani Rabaiotti – @DaniRabaiotti

Leif Bersweden- @LeifBersweden 

Niamh Leaman – @niamh.rebecca

Eleanor Roake and Rebecca Furlong – @csctbath



Oh Deer Emily, Emily – @ohdeeremily

Show Me Nature, Katie Grant – @show.me.nature

Garden Bird Geek, Natalie – @gardenbirdgeek

Lucy Colclough – @quest.for.nectar

Nature Nerd, Lucy Hodson – @Lucy_Lapwing

Adam Talks Wild, Adam Cook – @adam_talkswild

The Birds in My Garden, April – @thebirdsinthegarden

James Hanson – @awildjameshanson

Sophia Pavelle – @sophiepavs

Leif Bersweden- @LeifBersweden 




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