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Take to social media site Twitter for a FUTURES2020 digital science festival in collaboration with The Global Science Show.

Meet researchers at the University of Bath and the University of Plymouth, find out about newly discovered penguin species, how flood defences keep cities safe, the science of buildings and much more and get a chance to discuss their work with them.

Follow the team on Global Science Show or follow #GlobalScienceShow on Twitter between 12pm and 6pm on Saturday 28 November.


Full programme details

12:00 – Start

12:20 What did ancient environments look like? – Jessie Woodbridge (@JessieW_Palaeo), University of Plymouth

12:40 Newly discovered species of penguins – Josh Tyler (@JoshTylerEarth), University of Bath

13:00 Using underwater gliders to help water sampling – James Rand (@Jimbo_Rand), University of Bath

13:30 The science of buildings – Valeria Cascione (@GlobalSciShow), University of Bath

13:40 The wonderful world of plankton – Russell Arnott (@Russell_Arnott), University of Bath

14:00 Making your own acoustic levitator – Bruce Drinkwater (@sonic_bruce), University of Bristol

14:40 Storms and flooding – Andy Barnes (@Sciprios), University of Bath

15:00 The science of sewage and sludge – Naomi Deering (@GlobalSciShow), University of Bath

15:20 Offshore wind, wave and tidal energy – Kirsty Henderson (@SupergenORE), University of Plymouth

16:00 Growing cells outside the human body using a bioreactor – Piyanan (Joy) Boonprasirt (@GlobalSciShow), University of Bath

16:20 The impact and history of flooding –  Ioanna Stamataki (@IoannaStamataki), University of Bath

16:40 How do our senses affect our psychology? – Naomi Heffer (@SenselessPsych), University of Bath

17:00 Creating art with Chladni plates – Alex Narduzzo (@GlobalSciShow), University of Bath

17:20 Microbiology – Stacy Ramkissoon (@ScienceWithAGrl), University of Bath

Event Details

Online Event

Date: 28/11/2020
Time: 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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