Bristol Botanic Garden – An Unusual Spring and Summer

The Botanic Garden was built for people to view, arms behind back and looking at the exhibits doing their thing, learning about the wondrous practical beauty that the plant world produces. This year was different; at the end of March society closed down to prevent the spread of a new virus, and with it the Botanic Garden gates shut for 5 months. A skeleton staff tended the collections while the groundhog sunshine added to the eeriness of the situation. Meanwhile the plants grew and the flowers flowered, they were performing on stage while the auditorium was empty. We felt we had to share what was happening on Instagram and Facebook, through videos and online tours, blogs, and for our members, informative weekly emails from the curator. Here are a number of images taken in the Garden from the beginning of lockdown on March 16th until the easing of restrictions on July 4th.

If you follow the images on the green wall around the room clockwise from the bee on a yellow flower, you will see the images in date order, from 16/3/20, to 4/7/20.

On the raised platform you’ll find links to videos filmed in the botanic garden and have the opportunity to learn more about what has been going on there.

Enjoy your virtual visit.

If you would prefer to view this exhibition in a more accessible format, with image descriptions, you can download the accessible Botanic Gardens Exhibition file